Gersh Investment Partners Limited

Gersh Investment Partners Limited (“Gersh”) is an independent real estate investor and advisor.

Gersh is a specialist real estate investment firm, specifically focussed on property finance and principal real estate transactions. Gersh works with property development and real estate companies, connecting them to wholesale and institutional investors in Australia and abroad.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Equity
  • Joint Venture and Principal Investing
  • Senior and Structured Finance
  • Advisory Services

Our mandate since inception in July 2000 has ranged across the full spectrum of Australian real estate classes and all phases and stages of debt and capital structures including funds management. Gersh derives its strength from two core attributes:

  1. The intellectual capital of our founder and principals in the various property-related professional disciplines from which our experience derives
  2. Our willingness to co-invest our own capital and accordingly share the risks and rewards of the transactions which we sponsor or on which we advise.

Gersh’s principal advantage within the current market is that we are entirely independent; not aligned to any bank, insolvency, professional, real estate or valuation firm, minimising any possible conflicts within parties. We have good relationships with all of the foregoing yet remain entirely independent so that, apart from scrupulous adherence to confidentiality, our position enables us to advise our clients and negotiate on their behalf without fear or favour and without the express or implied limitations which other advisors may feel constrain them.

In October 2018, Gersh launched a fully underwritten $500M real estate development finance fund known as the Gersh Finance Fund.